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Standby Servicing

Spartan currently provides Standby Servicing to more than 51 facilities with portfolios totalling over $2 billion.

Securitization Accounting

Our system enables detailed tracking and automatic updating of all financial contracts within a securitization portfolio.

Data Analysis

Performing detailed examination and verification procedures on all financial contract portfolios.

Portfolio Reporting

Generate monthly portfolio reporting for all securitized and non-securitized lease portfolios.

Lease Monitoring

We separately track securitized and non-securitized leases, which is invaluable for managing securitization portfolios.

Corporate Governance

We have extensive experience in auditing and performing verification procedures on our managed financial contract portfolios.

Managing Compliance on Your Terms

Spartan Services provides a full range of accounting, consulting and compliance services to clients participating in financial contract securitization transactions. Our ability to assume portfolio management responsibilities mitigates both originator and servicer risk. Plus, as an S&P Rated Servicer, our procedures and policies associated with portfolio management and compliance are validated.



Full Securitization Support

Spartan supports securitization transactions during the entire process: from data analysis, lease accounting and monthly monitoring and reporting on securitized portfolios through to auditing and ongoing management of customer compliance with the terms and conditions of securitization agreements.